Do I need to request for a visa despite the fact that I have a valid ticket for FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup Russia 2021™
Purchasing a ticket doesn't give any priority to enter Russia. Moscow is accessible from anywhere in Russia, however if coming from abroad the normal regulations apply and a Visa shall be requested. Due to Covid situation however some special regulations may be put in place, therefore always consult any Government updates.

Can I buy paper tickets?
No, all tickets for the event are electronic. They can be scanned either on paper or from a smart phone.

Are tickets personal?
Yes, all electronic tickets are personal and include the main applicant's name and surname.

Can I transfer my e-ticket to a friend or relative?
Yes, you can transfer the ticket/s.

Will it be an issue if my friend's name does not match the name on the ticket?
No, you can enter the stadium regardless of whether your name matches the name on the ticket or not.

If somebody makes a copy of my e-ticket, which ticket will be valid?
The ticket that is scanned first will be valid; all the others will be deemed fake.

When buying tickets, I mistakenly chose the wrong date. Can I exchange my tickets for tickets for another date?
We cannot exchange tickets for technical reasons.

- You can get a refund for the tickets you have purchased and purchase tickets for your desired date. The refund will be made to the card that was used to make the payment.

- You must send a scan or photo of a completed and signed application form for a ticket refund to ticketing@worldcup2021.ru. The form can be downloaded from the website under the "Ticket Refund" section: https://msk.kassir.ru/pages/vozvrat. You can also find the terms and conditions for returning tickets here.

I purchased an e-ticket. However, I would prefer a paper ticket. How and where can I get the paper ticket?
Paper tickets are not available for FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup Russia 2021TM.

When buying tickets online, I made a mistake in my email address, and therefore did not receive my tickets. How do I fix my email address and get my tickets?
In order for us to send you tickets, you need to send a single letter to the address to ticketing@worldcup2021.ru. You must include:

- the order number;
- a scan or photo of the first page of the passport of the owner of the bank card used to pay for the ticket(s);
- the last four digits of the card number; and
- the correct email address to which the tickets should be sent.

This information is required to identify the person who paid in order to avoid fraudulent actions.

Do I need a Fan ID to visit the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup?
No, a Fan ID is not required.

I want to attend a match with a five-year-old. Do I need an additional ticket?
Every spectator should have a ticket to enter the stadium, regardless of the age.

How many tickets per person can I purchase?
You can purchase up to four tickets per persons. Please note, that you must provide personal data for every spectator.

I didn't receive my tickets. What should I do?
Please contact ticketing@worldcup2021.ru.

I've purchased tickets for session 1. What games can I attend?
Tickets for session 1 gives you the right to attend two games of that session. Each day of the group stage and the quarter-finals is divided into two sessions of two games each. The semi-finals final, third-place match and final have one session per a day with two games each.

Do I need to wear personal protective equipment while in the stadium?
Yes, personal protective equipment wearing is obligatory. You should wear mask during whole stay at the stadium.

How can I apply for accessibility tickets?
Please read the section on "Accessibility tickets" on our website: https://tickets.worldcup2021.ru/accessibilitytickets